Apply 2019

2018 was our BIGGEST and BEST festival to date!

With over 170 shows constituting thousands of performances, our overall bums on seats increased by a MASSIVE 14.75% in 2018 compared to the Fringe average increase of 5% - you can see why we’re so proud of that number.

There's never been a better time to join the #greensidefamily Before you do anything download our Performer Pack which is the perfect intoduction to Greenside and how we operate.

Once you've read the Pack you're just a few stages away from confirming your Fringe venue with Greenside. Guess what? No complicated and long online form to fill in! How good is that?

Simply email us:

You can include as much or as little info as you want in the email. Main thing is get in touch. If you can include the space you are interested in as well as the week(s) you wanted to perform and ideal time of performance. Within 24hrs one of the team will give you a call – please make sure you put a contact number down; speaking on the phone is so much easier and quicker plus we love a good natter! During the call we will confirm everything with you and give you a slot and cost there and then - no waiting around, no complicated application process. We told you we'd be open and clear! 

Greenside Venues – Open, Clear and Friendly.