Apply 2021

Due to the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19 Greenside will not be operating a physical, in person offering at Fringe 2021.

But we can help if you are looking for a home for your digital show this year.  Come and shelter yourself under our Green umbrella! 

We are hosting GreenScreen through Edfringe's online player and we are inviting all show big or small to come along with us.

Due to the stupid C word (not the naughty one) there are no full time employees - however  there will be some admin squirrels in the background facilitating the addition to the fringe player under the GreenScreen Greenside brand.

We can host you and you can pay us what you want for that service - suggested donation of £75. You can charge what you want for your tickets and you keep your ticket sales with no deduction by Greenside.

We will be liaising with our press contacts to help to promote your shows on our platform.

As our resources are minimal we do want to be clear that if you are looking for an online platform from a venue with a big marketing machine then we may not be the choice for you. However if you are looking for an open access ethos with a Greensidefamily vibe then we may be the online hosts that you are!

As we are hosting under the fringe player we will not be able to support live stream shows.

If you want more information please get in touch.