Work With Us

To provide the excellent service to our visiting companies that Greenside is famous for, we need an incredible team to help keep things running smoothly.

You can find out more about the roles available by clicking on the headings below, but here's the highlights:

• Pay £350 per week or £400 for Senior Roles
• 42 hours per week, six days a week
• EVERYONE paid at least the Living Wage irrespective of age.
• Holiday pay accrued paid
• Help and advice with accomodation

What We're Looking For

At Greenside we’re known for our exceptional customer service so whilst previous experience of working in a similar role is desirable we’re really looking for outgoing people who love Edfringe and love working with the public. For us your personality, drive, enthusiasm and love for the Fringe is more important that a long list of jobs you’ve done before. So if you’ve worked in theatres across the land then great! But equally if you have limited experience but love the sound of Greenside and think you’d be able to contribute then we want to hear from you.We have a limited number of roles that can start on 22nd July with the majority starting on 31st July. Starting on 22nd July will involve building our venues and turning blank spaces into beautiful Green Venues. Please let us know if you have a start date preference and equally if you have particular skills that would be of use during our build week. All roles end on 28th August.

Greenside Venues LTD  is committed to reducing its environmental impacts in its everyday operations. We are also committed to maintaining the open-access policy of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and that is reflected in our open programming philosophy. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications from all sectors of the community. We expect Workers to support these commitments

Venue Worker: You will be responsible for getting our audiences in and out of our venue safely and on time at the start and end of each show. Helping us ensure we keep a perfectly running green ship. Our multi skilled roles will also require you to work in our onsite Box Office . At Greenside you’ll encounter thousands of people coming through our doors and you’ll be the face of our organisation So we need strong communicators who have the confidence to work independently but equally as comfortable working part of our welcoming and inclusive Greenisde team. 

Venue Technician: Are you an experienced and talented Technician? We’re looking for a limited number of technicians to join our established Tech Team. Our Technicians make our venues shine and build everyone of our spaces from the ground up so build experience is essential.  All Technician roles start on 22nd July and end on 28th August. - Our technicians are often the first members of our team that our customers will meet so your customer service experience is as important as your technical knowledge. 

Bar Supervisor, Box Office Supervisor and Press/Marketing Roles: We have a limited number of Bar Supervisor, Box Office Supervisor and Press/Marketing roles. If you have relevant experience in any of these areas please let us know in your covering letter. 

Why Greenside?

We’re proud to be known for our famous customer service and that starts with you wonderful people! Our team members are the heart and soul of our operation and without you we couldn’t deliver the service we’re proud to offer. 

At Greenside we have three guiding principles; we aim to be open, friendly and fair in all that we do and that ethos of service is also mirrored in the way we treat our team members ... we’ll come onto that more later. 

If you speak to anyone who has performed or worked with Greenside we’d hope the main word you’d hear is family. Every single member of the family matters as much as the next. We build and curate an ethos of family and community which ultimately starts with our wonderful team members. We think our philosophy of being open, friendly and fair creates a working environment that is as fun as it is professional, as rewarding as it is hard work and our main aim is to ensure you leave Edinburgh feeling as though you are a part of something special. Because ultimately we think that’s what the Fringe is; a truly magical place.  We’d like to think we’re just the right size at Greenside. With in excess of 160 shows we are one of the largest programmes at the Fringe; large enough to stand out but equally the right size to still be personable. That goes for our team members as well, you’re not joining a huge massive corporate team, you’ll be an essential part of a close-knit team where we all know each other and rely on each other to offer the very best service at the Fringe. 

Yes, the Fringe is wonderful and it’s a place where you can gain experience and knowledge which will further your career. It’s true that you’ll meet people from all over the world and likely make lasting personal and professional relationships. It’s also true that past team members have worked extensively post Fringe on the back of their working with us ... but for us it’s about more than that. 
We truly believe that becoming part of the Greenside Family is becoming part of a club that lasts far past August. You’re part of a community of like-minded people; a network that now spans 100’s of individuals - we have countless team members who have worked with us for years and who are now as much of our fabric as our Greenside Tree! Irrespective of your time with us you’ll always be a part of our large extended family.

What You Can Expect From Us

We promise to be open and transparent in all our dealings with you. A straightforward contract will be issued which will clearly spell out our expectations and what you can expect from us. Alongside this you’ll also have copies of our Equal Opportunities, Sexual Harassment and Health and Safety policies. 

We’re open and transparent right from the start that you will be expected to work 42 hours a week, six days a week with one day off per week. The wage for this will be £350 per week with senior roles paid £400 per week. We believe that your pay should not be based on your age but what you can offer our team. To reinforce our policy of fairness we will pay you this fee irrespective of your age. Every single member of our team will be paid at least the living wage. 
It’s also fair that you are paid for holiday pay that you accrue. In your final pay packet we will include the holiday pay that you have accrued during your time with us. 

We know that accommodation can be a barrier to the fringe. We know that it is super expensive and hard to source. We at Greenside don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of having you work for us based on if you can afford the up front cost of accommodation before getting up here!  Please speak to us further if this sounds like you.

You'll also receive a Greenside Pass; your badge of honour to show that you’re part of the Greenside Family! Apart from it being cool it affords you some wonderful benefits, namely standby access to ALL Greenside shows but even better than that, we partner with five other venues meaning you have access to over 500 shows at the Fringe on a standby basis. This means your standby pass with Greenside is one of the most extensive at the Fringe. You’ll also get an extra special discount at our bars and outlets. Consistently our team members comment on just how valuable an asset their pass is.

We’ve mentioned community and family a lot and we couldn’t do that without the odd party here and there! The end of build week means the legendary Greenside end of build party! We have socials, outings and weekly end of show drinks in the Infirmary Bar that help solidify our sense of community.If you choose to take up our offer of assisting you in accommodation it means you’ll be living with your fellow Greensiders, working and living alongside your colleagues only helps to solidify the sense of camaraderie and community. Consistently our team members have commented on the friendships made through living alongside each other for the Fringe. You do not simply work with people and then go your separate ways at the end of each shift, your colleagues become your friends and support. 

To summarise:

• Help and advice regarding accommodation
• All roles paid at least the living wage irrespective of age.
• Holiday pay 
• Open, transparent and fair dealings in all we do.
• Greenside Pass to see hundreds of shows across the festival for free!


Sarah Sharp
Venue Supervisor
‘I loved working with Greenside because I got to spend 6 weeks with the friendliest group of people whilst learning new skills and experiencing the Fringe festival. The accommodation, days off and good hours were all a bonus for a fantastic few weeks meeting people who have since stayed firm friends. I had such a fun summer working for surely one of the best venues at the fringe!’

Jemimah Allen
Venue Worker
‘Being part of Greenside last year was an experience I will never forget. I would definitely do it again as I found the whole process of seeing the venues being transformed into performance spaces very exciting. Personally one of my favourite things about working for Greenside was the people, everyone was so warm and welcoming and there was always support from the team when you needed it. Whilst working,we were given a generous about of free time which enabled me to see a wide variety of shows which was a fantastic opportunity.’

Anya WB
Venue Worker
‘Working for greenside is so much fun! It takes you out of your comfort zone in a good way. You end up meeting a whole new family of friends who you live, work, see shows, drink and go to the beach with. Greenside give you a lot of freedom and autonomy: they ask you what you like doing best and work around your skills and ideas. They really appreciate every person who works at Greenside as an individual and get to know you on a personal level which is what I loved most.’

Scarlett Salsbury
Venue Worker - Venue Supervisor- Venue Manager
‘After working for Greenside Venues for over six years I have gained so much confidence and skills as well as memories and friends. I have learnt so much about the theatre industry and knowing how a fringe venue is ran. Working for such a fun loving and supportive venue really is the best way to enjoy the fringe festival! I don’t know where I’d be without Greenside as they have made me the person I am today’

Laura Flowers
Venue Worker
‘There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t love working at Greenside- it was such a lovely adventure with such a great bunch of people and I learnt so much, it truly is a big family and I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.’

Georgia Salsbury
Venue Worker - Venue Supervisor
‘I was once told that the absolute best way to experience the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was by working there, and I completely stand by this! Working for Greenside every summer for the last four years has allowed me to meet so many new people, learn useful new skills as well as placing me right in the heart of the heart of this incredible festival every year. As a theatre fan I love working for Greenside as I get to experience the behind the scenes of shows, with experiences such as front of house, box office skills and getting to know the companies from around the world that come to Greenside to perform. Staying in this BEAUTIFUL city and constantly being surrounded by such culture is such a privilege, and on top of this I get the chance to see all the theatre a person could ask for!’

Jake Taylor
Venue Technician
‘I have worked with Greenside for a total of 4 years now and it has been an experience to remember. Greenside thrives in its excellence for dedication, professionalism and its constant support with companies but behind the scenes, we are all family. For me, Greenside is a home away from home and I’ve never been prouder of one company for coming so far in developing their business.’

James Stevenson
Venue Worker
‘Working for Greenside last summer was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. Greenside is more than just an organisation, it’s a family, and that’s something really special.’

Heidi Henders
Venue Worker
‘Greenside is a place where all of the team are treated like family, everyone is fun, friendly and willing to help out with everything. Working at Greenside meant my Fringe experience was exciting, rewarding and a great way to spend my summer. Throughout the long shifts and hard days the Greenside team had smiles on their faces and rallied together to make the whole experience a joy.’

Angus Easener
Venue Worker
‘Greenside is a fantastic venue to work with and it is a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere to be in. They make sure you know what you're doing, and that you have a good time doing it. The people at Greenside are some of the kindest people I know, and I cannot recommend them enough!’

Kate Askew
Venue Worker
‘I had the summer of my life working for Greenside. I packed my D of E bag with my best friend and walked up the steps to a random house in Edinburgh and found my friends for life! I reluctantly call it work because it’s the most 10/10 fun you could possibly have. I would recommend it to anyone who has a month spare to laugh and happy- cry to songs from musicals surrounded by the most wonderful artistic friends to tragically throw some shapes on a sticky dance floor on a Saturday night!’

Harry Greenwood
Venue Worker
‘I have worked several summer jobs over the past few years, but none have made me feel part of a family more than Greenside. I instantly felt welcome the moment I arrived, and over the course of the Fringe I found myself mixing and making friendships with people who I never would have met outside the Fringe, it truly is a unique experience. Unlike some other employers I have worked for, I felt like my needs genuinely mattered, with there being flexibility in shifts and enough time off in the week to enjoy the Fringe itself. I had the opportunity to be a part of the biggest arts festival in the world, and working with Greenside not only allowed me to be right in the centre of it all, but to work with some truly amazing people at the same time.’

Joey Furey
Venue Worker  
‘Sometimes I catch myself smiling when reminiscing about the truly joyous summer I had with Greenside. About the amazing things I saw, the conversations that followed, the feelings that were stirred and the laughs that were shared. At times, the fringe can seem like an overwhelming surreal cultural behemoth. It's a testament to Greenside for helping all of the workers to not just feel at home but enable them to fully make the most of their time, which, I’m happy to say, I did. I came up for the experience and left with new friends, fond memories, fresh ideas and broadened horizons. I really am very grateful for this.’

Beth Nolan
Venue Worker - Venue Supervisor
‘I returned to Greenside after working with them the previous year because I knew I was sure to have a fantastic time. Working at Greenside has given me the best two summers of my life. I loved the fast paced atmosphere of working at the Fringe the camaraderie between all of the Greenside staff. Greenside make sure their workers have a chance to experience the fringe and have fun. I’ve come away with amazing new friends and some of my fondest memories and that’s all thanks to Greenside!’

Carina de Vroome
Venue Worker - Venue Supervisor
‘Working for Greenside has honestly been one of the best experiences of my life. All the people that work here are so positive and encouraging and that's really contagious. You get to live in Edinburgh for a couple weeks and really absorb the Festival, because you're at the heart of it. It's given my confidence a massive boost, I've made some of my best friends here and it's wonderful that you're able to see the best and the weirdest shows of the Fringe. I keep thinking about how we were the city's and the city was ours: we loved each other deeply.’

Tom Chard
Venue Supervisor
‘Working at Greenside is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The friends you make are honestly friends for life - the Greenside community are some of the most interesting, supportive, creative, and friendliest people you’ll meet. The skills you gain are so useful for any future work you do too: interacting with professional companies and the general public, the independence you are given , the constant ‘thinking-on-your-feet’, and the confidence you gain are just some of the ways that Greenside can prepare you for any future experiences. For anyone who is looking to further/begin their career in the arts, or anyone who wants to experience the Fringe in one of the best ways possible, definitely work at Greenside - you won’t regret it!’

Rachael Crozier
Venue Worker  
‘Greenside is a great experience for anyone interested or eager to be involved within Theatre and the Arts. After not only working at Greenside, but also performing in their venue, I can wholeheartedly say, they are the friendliest venue and people in Edinburgh. You’re not only welcomed to a Fringe Venue, you're welcomed into the Greenside family.’

Grace Gallagher
Venue Worker - Venue Supervisor- Venue Manager
‘With Greenside venues, I gained so many new skills whilst also making incredible memories with so many new friends. I developed skills in organisation, time management, problem solving and learnt all about what it takes to run a busy venue professionally and efficiently! The management team are so hard-working and set an incredible example for staff, as well as being caring and devoted to ensure everyone has an amazing Edinburgh Fringe experience. I gained so much new confidence at Greenside and feel capable of tackling any challenge. Plus I have made friends for life! There’s no wonder I’ve come back to Greenside 6 times, there really is no better fringe experience!’

Tadek Chmiel  
Venue Worker - Venue Supervisor- Venue Manager
‘Working at Greenside was always one of the highlights of my year. It was the perfect combination of gaining great work experience; learning what it takes to be a team member at one of the fringe’s largest venues, with the opportunity to meet so many like minded people, see so much theatre and have a great time whilst doing it. I can’t imagine finding a more friendly and open venue to work at, with Greenside having such a family oriented ethos at its heart, it made working there such a pleasure. I couldn’t recommend working with Greenside enough!’

Ruth Page
Venue Worker - Venue Supervisor- Venue Manager
Hiya! My name is Ruth Page, and I have worked with Greenside Venues for the past 4 years. I began as Front of House staff in 2015, progressing to the role of Supervisor in the following year, and then ultimately became Venue Manager of Royal Terrace for 2 years running. Royal Terrace is a very significant part of Greenside’s history because it is where the company was first born! So, I felt honoured to be trusted with such an important venue. Before working for Greenside, I had never been to the Fringe before. I didn’t know anyone I would be working and living with, and I had no idea what to expect. I had never even visited the city of Edinburgh. So, it was a massive leap of faith for me to go! However, I was met with open arms by the Supervisor staff at Edinburgh Waverley train station and whisked away into the bubble of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For those who may not know (because I certainly didn’t before I first came), The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of the largest arts festivals in the world. Performers travel from across the globe to perform and support each other’s live performance art. Not only that, there are other festivals that run alongside it, such as the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival and the Edinburgh Book Festival. Thousands of people flock to the city to be at this global summer hub of theatre. The buzz of the Fringe festival is completely electric, and I’ve never experienced anything else quite like it. Every year, I have committed to the entire 5 and a half weeks that Greenside hire staff. In that time, we completely green-ify our venues, welcome in our audiences and performing companies, and then pack it all away for the following year (with a few parties scattered throughout). It’s so rewarding seeing the whole process from start to finish, and I’ve always felt a huge sense of pride to work in these venues after beautifying them. One of my favourite memories from Build Week was when we were delivered three new benches to build and decorate for Royal Terrace. It took a team of seven the entire day to complete the task, but the real highlight was giving the benches names. Dame Judi Bench, Stephen Benchoff and Benedict Cumberbench. You’ve never seen a team have so much pride in their work! Through working with Greenside, I have learnt so much about being a leader, about customer relations, about how a successful Fringe venue operates smoothly, and met the most wonderful people from across the globe. From the USA to Israel to Australia, I have made great friends with company members, and I really hope to see them again one day. I won’t lie, the Fringe can be very daunting. But Tara and Darren, the owners and creators of Greenside, have always been incredibly supportive throughout every festival. They are busy people! They communicate with companies, they are in and around the venues to lend a helping hand, AND they begin preparing for the following year. Yet despite all this, they are always on the end of the phone to help in those moments when, as an employee, you’re a bit unsure. It is so calming to know that your bosses are always there, ready to help and guide you in any way they can. They are truly a dream team. I would also like to stress that you don’t need to be a performer to work at the Fringe. The Greenside family (we really are a family) come from all walks of life, but the things we have most in common is that we enjoy theatre, we’re hard-working, and we really like green! Applying to work for Greenside Venues is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I owe so much to this company, and I would massively encourage anyone who is thinking of going to the Fringe to not only do it, but to do it with Greenside Venues.’

How To Apply

Due to the extensive benefits, living wage to all irrespective of age and accommodation support we expect demand for roles to outstrip the amount of roles we have.
Please include a cover letter which in as much detail as possible outlines why you’d be the perfect match for our Greenside Family and why you want to work with Greenside along with a recent CV. We will then contact shortlisted applicants to arrange a phone interview.

Please email with JOB APPLICATION and your name in the subject.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Job Descriptions & Information Pack