Infirmary Street

Set just moments away from the Royal Mile directly off the hustle and bustle if South Bridge is the gorgeous former Victorian School building. With bags of character and charm, Infirmary Street is just moments away from Greenside @Nicolson Square and Greenside @Riddle's Court.

Forest Theatre

A big Fringe stage and fantastic audience capacity, this studio is set to be a Fringe favourite.

Olive Studio

Modelled on the success of Mint Studio, Olive brings together a perfectly sized audience of 40 with a generous sized stage all in a perfectly formed end on black box studio.

Ivy Studio

Modelled on Lime Studio at Nicolson Square, we bring you Ivy Studio - a beautifully crafted end on black box studio - great sized stage and audience capacity to match!

Mint Studio

Looking for an intimate and inviting space where you’re not swallowed up by a massive stage and your audience is in reaching distance? Mint boasts a unique shaped stage and beautifully intimate audience capacity